One-to-One Coaching




As coaches at JCA, we focus on what we can most usefully do to encourage leaders to review their thinking, feeling and actions in relation to their current challenges and opportunities.


For example, in coaching conversations we...


  1. Ask the leader about:
    • What assumptions they are working from
    • What thinking processes they are using
    • What sources of evidence they are choosing from and why
    • What motivates them and what beliefs underpin their analysis and conclusions
    • What values inform their beliefs and motivations


  2. Feedback and test with the leader what we have observed of their behaviours and what we have inferred from them

  4. Invite leaders to share what they have observed of their own and other people's behaviours and what they have inferred from them

  6. Challenge leaders to substantiate their inferences with evidence

Often when asking about assumptions and thinking processes, we share some relevant neuroscience which can act like a catalyst for the process of the leader examining themselves and gaining insights.



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JCA operates from Manchester and London, England and works with clients globally.


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