Leadership Development


Overarching messages

  1. Leadership and management are about getting the best from other people
  2. We can add more value as leaders and managers by understanding and exploiting our strengths and eliminating our fatal flaws
  3. We become better leaders when we change our behaviours and challenge limiting beliefs and assumptions



  • Leading change
  • Motivating people
  • Dealing with 'difficult' personalities
  • Getting people to work together in teams


Our development methodology



  • Discuss with their line manager their current challenges
  • Participate in training with other leaders and managers
  • Create a personal action plan at each training or coaching event to implement between events
  • Seek coaching on progress with their personal action plan from their line manager
  • Have the option of coaching conversations with a JCA tutor


Line managers...

  • Discuss with participants the participants' current challenges
  • Coach participants to implement their personal action plans


Senior managers...

  • Coach line managers on how to be great coaches
  • Are coached by JCA coaches on how to be great coaches



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JCA operates from Manchester and London, England and works with clients globally.


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